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Are you in search of IT support services that bring results?

  • Sick and tired of standardized IT strategies that have nothing in common with your business goals?
  • Is your business stuck in the stone age because of the crushing cost of modern-day tech?
  • Is your company's vital data security left at the mercy of hackers and unforeseen disasters?
Managed IT Services - Lousy IT.

We offer managed services that you can 100% rely on

Your trusted partner

We're not out to sell you stuff, we're out to help you grow. From one SME to another, we study your business as your managed service provider in order to understand your greatest needs and set up IT to help you meet those needs; fast.

Cut IT costs

The goal is not to outspend your competitors but to out-perform them. We provide you with the results of a full-time team of tech experts, at a fraction of the cost; trimming all other IT expenses along the way.

100% reliable

We focus on preventing problems; more than the "fix it" guys, we make IT work. Our goal is to see that your IT infrastructure is always up and running, enabling you focus your business.

Designed to last

We plan and execute IT strategies for your business that would serve your goals many years down the line. From network security to cloud computing, we out do most IT services in Markham.

Go about operations, knowing your IT is fully optimized

We provide full-on technical management, from hardware to software to connectivity. With our years of experience, we are able to anticipate, respond and manage all IT needs with equal top-notch prowess.

What makes us stand out from other service providers is our ability to recognize the IT sized gaps in a business growth plan. We analyze and supply just the right strategy you need to scale, given your present budget and revenue.

About Us
Managed IT Services - we manage and help business.
Managed IT Services.

We do IT differently

It’s difficult to stay on track with your business goals; when you're trying to figure out IT all on your own or worse, waiting for your IT services company to finally respond to a ticket you sent in 4 days ago! So much for "support" service.

As your service provider, we have the capacity and staffing to make your technology environment to work like a well-oiled machine. From 24/7 network support, to warm, expert desk support, to futuristic cloud services to bullet-proof cybersecurity, you can rest knowing that we have IT covered.

Interesting facts about us

Caters to large enterprises and start-ups

Young companies who need to have their IT in order can find it a struggle - getting compliant isn't easy! We can help.

89% same-day resolution

Our record, which we aim to beat every time, We go all out to keep your business running smoothly, always, no matter what.

Lifelong partners

We will help you take on the world. With Cloud9 as your service provider, your IT systems will speed up work, rather than slow you down.

We get to know you

More than just another support company, we prioritize your goals. Your business goals remain the focus of our tech support.

Optimize your IT

We provide you with IT strategies that don't just work, but are also tailored to fit your specific model...
IT Optimization

10 questions you MUST ask to save yourself from harmful IT agreements

If they don't have the answers, partnering with them could get you stuck. Download ''The Business Owner's Guide To IT Management and Support Services'' now.
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