IT Management

As your technology partner, we take responsibility for your systems. Making sure everything is as desired, constantly.

IT Management - IT Support.
IT Management - IT Support - Helpdesk and Support.

Unlimited helpdesk and support

Instant support - so no waiting time. And performed by pleasant, experienced professionals, who enjoy helping you out of your pinch. That is our 24/7 helpdesk.

Of course, if we can't solve your issues remotely, we will come to your office. Learn More

Proactive maintenance

By consistently cleaning and updating your computers, they have a longer lifespan, operate faster and keep your staff frustration-free.

  • Ensure all systems are patched
  • Cleaning of registries and obsolete software
  • Fighting bloatware & installation of self-healing mechanisms
IT Management - IT Support - Proactive Maintenance.
IT Management - IT Support - Status Monitoring.

Status monitoring

We understand your IT to a 'T' and will inform you whenever something requires your attention.Whether it is hardware depreciation, employee behavior or possible efficiency gains; we keep you in the loop.

Cybersecurity &

Many businesses are purely digital. Imagine if your data was lost. It happens more often than you think. Whether it is an outside attack, or internal corruption, we ensure your business' continuity.

  • Most advanced anti-cyber-attack technology on the market.
  • Incredible anti-virus and anti-malware solutions.
  • Data management systems ensure that everything is secure internally.
  • Onsite training to reduce human error are suggested.
IT Management - IT Support - Cyber security and anti-virus.
IT Management - IT Support - Data backup and recovery.

Data backups & disaster recovery

What happens in case of a fire or flood? Data is fragile. Every business requires back-ups on multiple geographic locations.

  • Data is stored on various locations, while keeping in mind any legal restrictions, such as imposed by the GDPR
  • We execute 'backup restore tests', to ensure you do not experience any unpleasant surprises
  • We include backups for your services providers, such as Microsoft365

Executive consultation and development services

We become real partners with you, providing an actionable IT road map strategically aimed at the growth of your business. We stop at absolutely nothing and we leave nothing out; you would easily be able to tell from our conversations with you...

  • Firstly, we get to understand your business processes and goals in depth
  • Next we take a detailed look at your current IT infrastructure, and how the different aspects are helping (or slowing down) your business
  • Then we map out an actionable IT growth plan, with tailored IT strategies that fit your business processes like a glove
  • Finally, we hold you by the hands, and walk you through its fulfillment, one day at a time!
IT Management - IT Support - Executive Consultation and Development Services.
IT Management - IT Support - Data backup and recovery.

Microsoft Business Applications

Our expertise extends to Microsoft Business Applications. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that cover customization, implementation, and custom development of various modules within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Whether you're looking to enhance your sales processes, improve customer service, execute effective marketing campaigns, streamline project operations, or create custom applications, we've got you covered.

Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Dynamics 365 marketing, sales and customer service
  • Dynamics 365 project operations
  • Microsoft Power BI (Data visualization and data modelling)
  • Microsoft PowerApps (Custom application development)
  • Microsoft Power Automate (Workflow automation services)


We understand the power of Salesforce and how it can transform your organization's customer relationship management and business operations.

Whether you're just starting with Salesforce or looking to optimize your existing setup, we have the expertise to make Salesforce work for you. Here's how we can help you succeed:

  • Salesforce CRM development
  • Einstein data visualization
  • Tableau integration
  • Salesforce custom app development
  • Salesforce workflow automation
IT Management - IT Support - Executive Consultation and Development Services.

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