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Finding a reliable IT partner that offers comprehensive security services can be a struggle when you own a small to mid-sized company. After all, high-quality service is often too expensive, while hiring a more affordable MSP means risking a less reliable, unresponsive partner. But is there a way to strike a happy balance between the two?

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Thanks to Cloud9, there is. As the best IT security Markham has to offer, Cloud9 specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies protect their IT architecture.

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Your IT security always comes first

Compromised data and cyberattacks are serious setbacks on your path toward achieving your business goals that can damage your company’s reputation. That’s why it’s crucial to put in place an excellent security system that will monitor your entire IT infrastructure, detect threats and malware, and respond immediately.

However, implementing such security systems takes time and resources that you might wish to direct elsewhere. So, instead of trying to manage your security and run your company at the same time, leave the IT side of the business to Cloud9’s experts.

Why choose Cloud9

Among other MSPs, Cloud9 certainly stands out thanks to its reliability, innovation, skills, and affordability, making the company a perfect IT partner.

A partner you can trust

Once we become partners, we align our goals with yours. If your aim is your company’s expansion and increased profitability, our IT service will provide the necessary foundation. And if you hope to improve your products, services, or business operations, we will give you all the right technology to speed up the process and achieve superb results.

No one-size-fits-all strategies

Although it would be simpler to use the same tried-and-tested IT solutions for each client, that’s never our approach. No two businesses are the same, and as such, they can’t all benefit from one-size-fits-all strategies. Hence, before designing a custom solution, Cloud9 thoroughly examines your company’s needs, addressing them efficiently.

Pay less, get more

Our goal isn’t to empty your wallet but to establish a long-lasting partnership beneficial to both parties. Thus, our expert services come at a cost suitable for a growing small-to-medium business, with no hidden expenses.

Skill and experience

We are able to provide our partners with excellent service thanks to our team of skilled and experienced professionals. With our passion for technology and striving for perfection, we’ll deliver nothing but the most reliable, high-quality cybersecurity services Markham companies can hope for.

Long-lasting solutions

Cloud9’s IT strategies aren’t meant to resolve only your ongoing issues and address current needs. As a forward-thinking company, your future interests us as much as your present. Therefore, we strive to implement long-lasting solutions that will serve your business many years down the line — even when your goals change!
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The most comprehensive IT security Markham can offer

Cloud9 offers a range of services designed to cover all of your cybersecurity needs. With our assistance, your business’s entire IT architecture will be effectively protected from attacks and other unexpected incidents.

Network security

Cloud9 will protect your IT infrastructure from unauthorized access, malfunction, and misuse by implementing state-of-the-art encryption methods, two and multi-factor authentication protocols, and application whitelisting. Thanks to these and other security systems, we will receive an alert the moment any suspicious activity is detected.

Application security

If your applications run on a subpar code, they may be vulnerable to threats, thus creating an opening for cyberattacks. To prevent that, Cloud9 will evaluate the code, identify the vulnerabilities, and update your apps accordingly. If necessary, we can design brand-new apps for you, with a special emphasis on security.

End-point security

Your business’s IT network is safe only as long as the devices with access to it are. In other words, we can’t implement security protocols at the server level and disregard your company’s laptops, tablets, and cell phones entirely. Therefore, Cloud9 pays special attention to end-point security, installing data and user controls, and preventing access to potentially malicious websites.

Cloud security

As applications, software, and data are migrating to the cloud, MSPs' focus is shifting toward cloud security. As always, Cloud9 is on top of the trends, keeping up with the latest cloud security protocols. Rest assured that your SaaS applications and stored data will stay safe and intact whether they are on a public or private cloud.

Internet security

The best IT security systems Markham can offer will keep you safe on the Internet, preventing cyberattacks, information interception, and data breaches. Thanks to our firewalls, encryption protocols, and anti-spyware and anti-malware software, you’ll be able to browse the web without fear of hackers, viruses, or unwanted traffic.
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Cloud9’s core values

The secret to our long-term partnerships and high client retention rates lies in Cloud9’s core values which fuel our business excellence and increase customer satisfaction. It’s how we build a successful company while delivering quality services.

  • Commitment

    Once we become your business partners, we’re committed to your company and its success. We’ll ensure your IT infrastructure stays secure, stable, and breach-free. Thus, you can focus on your business operations, knowing that we are supporting you in the background.

  • Innovation

    In a fast-changing field such as IT, innovation is key to staying secure and protected. With their novel solutions and creative strategies, our experts are always one step ahead of hackers and cybercriminals.

  • Versatility

    Whether your company employs ten or a hundred employees, Cloud9 caters to all. Our versatility allows us to understand and address the needs of both small start-ups and larger enterprises.

  • Accountability

    Once you put your cybersecurity in our hands, we will take full responsibility for it. That includes general support and cyberattack prevention, as well as resolving tickets and implementing disaster recovery plans. In other words, should anything unexpected happen, you can hold us accountable.

  • Speed and reliability

    We take particular pride in our quick response times and speedy ticket resolutions. The moment you contact us to report a problem, we will start devising a solution if we don’t have one already. Sometimes, our dependable team might detect an issue before you do, resolving it just as you place your call. We constantly aim to break our own records, ensuring that our clients’ businesses always run smoothly.

How Cloud9 can help your business

As the best IT security Markham has to offer, Cloud9 provides excellent IT support and innovative solutions, ensuring your business stays protected 24/7. With our assistance, you can focus on your business operations while we handle your IT architecture’s stability.

Continuous security monitoring

To ensure no attackers circumvent the security systems we put in place, our team can leverage security monitoring programs that analyze and assess the entire IT infrastructure in real time. If any suspicious activity is detected, we will be alerted immediately, allowing us to respond in a matter of minutes.

Data backups and disaster recovery plans

Data is fragile, and despite our best efforts, it may be compromised. To minimize the consequences of such a scenario, we provide data backups at safe, off-site locations and execute frequent backup restore tests. On top of that, our disaster recovery plans will help your business resume work quickly, even after an unplanned incident.

Implementing advanced anti-cyberattack technology

As cyber attackers become more sophisticated in their approaches, cybersecurity needs to keep up. That’s why our experts are always well-acquainted with the newest trends in the field and ready to implement the most advanced technology. Rest assured that your data and systems will stay safe and protected at all times.

Training your staff to increase cybersecurity awareness

Even if your staff isn’t composed of IT experts, it will certainly benefit from basic cybersecurity knowledge. We will teach your employees to recognize scams and phishing emails, help them understand the importance of choosing strong passwords and using password managers, and educate them on specific rules for browsing the Internet. In addition, we can provide cybersecurity training on a yearly basis, ensuring your staff stays updated on the newest trends.

Designing anti-malware solutions

Malware can interfere with your IT systems, leak private data, and even allow hackers access to your devices. As part of our comprehensive cybersecurity services, Cloud9 will design anti-malware and anti-spyware solutions that quickly spot and remove viruses and malicious software.

Start your partnership with Cloud9 in three steps

  1. Consultation

    Let us get to know your company and its business goals before you commit to a full partnership. During the consultation, we will present the options we believe would suit your company, and you can decide whether we are the MSP you’ve been looking for.

  2. Implementation

    As soon as you choose Cloud9 for a long-term collaboration, we will begin implementing our security protocols immediately. We’ll keep you updated every step of the process, giving you a basic understanding of the systems as we install them.

  3. Continuous support

    Once our new systems have been implemented, your IT infrastructure’s stability will instantly increase. However, as an additional layer of security, our IT team will be on standby, supporting your company 24/7.

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Cloud9 protects the businesses in Markham

Your business should operate in a secure IT environment, free of threats, cyberattacks, and incidents, and Cloud 9 understands that. We are here to support your IT infrastructure, ensuring your company’s operations run seamlessly.

If you’re looking for a new IT partner who puts your goals and safety first, Cloud9, the best IT security Markham has to offer, is a perfect choice.

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