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We offer managed IT services to SMBs in Scarborough, Toronto. You can count on IT services that fit your Scarborough business goals like a glove, solving 100% of your IT problems.

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Managed IT Services -  Scarborough.
Managed IT Services - IT support.

Do you need IT consulting that produces amazing results for Scarborough businesses?

  • Are you tired of spending routinely on IT services that don't improve your company's productivity or make operations any better?
  • Would you like managed IT services that make your specific business operations run smoother, rather than some one-size-fits-all IT solution?
  • Are you sure your company is completely protected? Can your vital data end up in the wrong hands?

Your Scarborough small business deserves bespoke IT services and support to thrive

With all the possibilities that IT offers, to have managed services dragging you down and drowning your productivity while costing you more than it should is a lousy situation to be in. 

Rather than trying (without success) to make cookie-cutter-type IT strategies work for your business, you deserve to have IT built around your business processes and goals, to enable you to achieve them.

There’s a lot about the IT environment of your organization that needs management from IT experts - so that you can always have the time to focus on the needle-moving aspects of your business. We believe that small companies in Scarborough also deserve to have IT services delivered in a professional manner.

Managed IT Services - Scarborough.
Managed IT Services.

IT support Scarborough business need to grow sustainably

It’s difficult to stay on track with your business goals; when you're trying to figure out IT all on your own or worse, waiting for your IT services company to finally respond to a ticket you sent in 4 days ago! So much for "support" service...

We have a different approach to IT services. Rather than trying to force different packages on you, we get to know your business deeply. After a full assessment of your goals and business processes, we set you up with just what you need to achieve them in record time, and nothing more. The support and service we provide are tailored to suit the industry needs of our clients.

At Cloud9, we’re not out to just sell you stuff, we’re out to give you what you need to excel, without the fluff. We essentially operate as the complete, full-time team of tech experts for all our clients, at a fraction of the cost.

Our hands-on, rapidly responsive support team, has redefined support services for our customers, little wonder why they stick with us!

With our managed IT services, Scarborough SMBs have never been in safer hands

Enjoy reliability

We ensure every aspect of your IT infrastructure works at remarkable speed. We make everything work blazingly fast for your Scarborough company, no matter what! Not only that, you get technical support right when you need it and no latter.

Same-day resolutions

If there’s ever an IT problem, we make sure it is 100% resolved before the close of work or earlier! If we need to show up on-site, our IT experts and field technicians would drive to your Scarborough office to handle the issue.

Save costs

Our goal for you is not to outspend your competition, but to out-perform them. With our cost-effective IT services, we help you save on IT. When you see how much your organization would have saved as a result of our partnership, support, and solutions, you’d be amazed.

Stay safe consistently

With our proactive cybersecurity solutions, we can keep you completely secure, whether on the cloud or all endpoints (computers, tablets, and phones) in your organization. We also develop unique solutions to ensure your vital data stays within your company.

Seamless business operations

We find out which processes can be adjusted to work much faster, and develop creative and intuitive solutions to make that happen! We have expertise across several industries and can manage your network to avoid any downtime.

Only get what you need

Our number one step in working with you is to fully understand your business processes and goals. Taking your industry, specific needs, and business size into account, we only give you what you need per time (and nothing more!)

We do beyond what most IT companies in Scarborough
would do for you...

Cloud solutions

We take you on a digital transformation journey, to help you ease into the cloud. Whether you are already working from the cloud, or still thinking of transitioning, with our expertise in cloud services, you’d never go wrong.

Cybersecurity anti virus

We prioritize your cybersecurity by keeping your data perpetually protected! Taking it a step further, we train your employees and all users within your organization on data security, getting them to recognize phishing scams, helping you avoid cyber-attacks through email communications.

VoIP services

We help you save Scarborough businesses up to 50% of what they would normally spend on communications using traditional landlines. We ensure your phone lines are always up and running, no matter when.

Data backups disaster recovery

You can depend on our managed services in Scarborough to get you back up and running in the event of any disaster. Whether cyberattack, hurricane, or fire incident, you get your IT infrastructure functioning seamlessly again in record time with our data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Proactive maintenance and status monitoring

Rather than becoming the “fix it” guys, we proactively make IT work, estranging the term "downtime" with our tailored managed services. We do this by monitoring your company’s entire IT network and providing intuitive, expert solutions in real-time.

Automating processes

We help you automate recurring your basic business processes so that you can focus on doing tasks that cannot be automated. Invoicing and reporting meetings are some of the tasks that you can automate completely with our managed services; helping you get work done without doing the work.

Virtual CIO services

We team up with your company, functioning as your in-house CIO at a fraction of the cost. We design an actionable roadmap for your business growth, establish the technology and IT services that would take you there, and then help you achieve it.

Microsoft 365 optimization

We help you work seamlessly on your digital workspaces. Beyond that, we ensure you use your Microsoft 365 to the max, cutting the cost of getting additional software that performs tasks you already pay for.
Managed IT Services - Ride Cloud9.

In this partnership, your business comes first…

Several small to medium-sized businesses in Scarborough have had to deal with mediocre IT services over the years. Technology is a critical ingredient in the recipe for success of any company, no matter the industry. We started Cloud9 to bridge the gap, making expert-level IT management available to small businesses, at a fraction of the cost it would normally cost.

Our promise to you is simple: we would provide you with expert IT services that perfectly meet your business needs, with a warm and friendly attitude, at a price you can’t refuse. From office setup to seamless operations, to computer hardware purchase; we become your complete partner for IT services in Scarborough, Toronto.

Managed IT Services - Free consultancy sessions for Scarborough companies.

Free IT consulting sessions for Scarborough companies

Rather than the back and forth you’re currently having with your managed IT services company or trying to figure out the IT of your growing business all on your own, why not allow us help you out? 

We would give you clear, concise IT insights to help you improve your tech environment for maximum results, absolutely free and with no strings attached.

"Free? There must be a catch!"

Well, you’re right…

By providing you with this value - and showing you the potential benefits to be had, we hope to be able to work with you and ease you of the IT burdens making your business operations a drag with our IT management!

However, that is completely optional and again - there are no strings attached. If you do not want to utilize our other services; then we are satisfied to have served your Scarborough business regardless.

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Managed IT Services.

Get answers to your questions

During the consultation, we would get to understand your business better and we can advise you on the following:

  • If your existing managed IT services in Scarborough prices are reasonable
  • If your backup strategy and disaster recovery plan is solid enough
  • If you could / should move your infrastructure to the cloud given your current processes
  • How you can bullet-proof your cybersecurity and network
  • How companies engage managed IT service to optimize and automate their workflow to increase team output using existing equipment
  • And much more...
Managed IT Services in Scarborough - Toronto.

We provide managed IT services and consulting for Scarborough businesses

Being remote managed IT support experts, we can tackle nearly all IT problems without having to show up at your office - and if we do need to come to visit, we'll jump in the car and meet you in no time.

Our customer satisfaction and customer service are second to none, dozens of companies in Scarborough are simply delighted about our services.

Book a call with us today to get to know us - no strings attached.

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