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Cloud9 is ranked as one of Canada's most progressive MSPs that deliver end-to-end business digital transformation services and commercial success.

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Managed IT Services -  Scarborough.
Managed IT Services - IT support.

Looking for IT support services that can turn vulnerabilities into strengths?

  • Have you had enough of Markham managed services that can't navigate the challenges?
  • Want to capitalize on every opportunity that pops up to achieve greater competitiveness, performance, and scale?
  • Not sure if your company's essential data is protected and what to do if something happens?

A fully managed service provider with expertise and capabilities to kick off your business growth

With comprehensive experience across the IT industry, including: cybersecurity, communications, information security, and everything else in between to keep things up to date, Cloud9 can cover all your IT needs.

Whether you choose to complement your in house resources or fully outsource the management of your IT, we provide solutions for your small business and all-in-one managed services in Markham, from initial consultation to supply to implementation of new-gen stuff to ongoing support. With a huge industry experience, we are a mature, well-established, highly accredited, and award winning IT tech partner you can always count on.

We provide services to a wide range of in house teams and organizations. Utilizing best-of breed tool sets and solutions, Cloud9 managed IT services work to industry compliance and best practices to continuously make improvements and help your staff enjoy what they do.

Managed IT Services - Scarborough.

Get rid of IT headaches

Ensure 100% system uptime

Our proven way guarantees that your system will maintain consistent uptime eliminates every single point of failure and prevents service disruption that may lead to unpleasant business impact, resulting in financial losses and additional expenses.

We do it in several key ways to minimize downtime and ensure your network is well designed and 100% secure.

Cut costs to invest in other things

Forget about the jaw-dropping budget for your IT department - Cloud9 outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into variable costs so you can have a predictable budget. Only pay for managed services you use when you need them.

We help you focus your workforce resources where you need them most and make everything work precisely as a Swiss watch.

Let your staff focus on higher-level needs

Cloud9 can help you put your employees to their best use. Leave those mundane day-to-day problems no one likes to work on to us and get more from your resources while increasing employees' job satisfaction.

Leave your IT infrastructure concerns in our computer repair experts' hands and let your employees focus on the company goals.

Increase competitiveness and efficiency

Don't skyrocket your in-house service costs that can pass on to your customers and turn them off. Focus on higher research, development, and implementation, and let us take care of your IT system to save your time and money.

Get the employees that always live up to your standards and expectations and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.
Managed IT Services.

Innovative solutions to unleash your business's full potential

With Cloud9 IT managed services, your IT will be carefully looked after by professionals, making sure that your IT infrastructure supports your company and its future growth. With more experience than most of the other IT companies you will find out there, Cloud9 provides reliable IT outsourcing services that help companies bridge the gap they have between innovation and legacy IT. We carry you forward into the future.

Cloud9 uses cutting-edge tools and systems to deliver world-class IT managed services to clients. You can always count on us to provide mission-critical IT outsourcing services with a clear path to transformation and modernization - reliably and securely.

We are a dependable IT partner that you can always rely on to uncover the tech problems you and your employees don't know to look for. We resolve issues, help with disaster recovery, diminish business interruptions and downtime, and proactively protect you from cyber breaches.

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Managed IT services

Cloud9 has the heavy artillery to transform your startup or SME into a powerhouse company. Free up your time and finish all your tasks with no rush with our managed IT services. We know that your staff needs seamless conditions to stay productive.

Our team is here to make your business vision come true without increasing your business operational costs. Say goodbye to IT issues once and for all with Cloud9 managed IT services and see what it looks like to be in a bigger league.

IT procurement support team

Cloud9 makes the hardware and software purchasing experience easy and cost effective for your medium businesses. Making one single wrong selection when buying IT equipment on your own can ruin your business or lead to constant failures and additional costs that you definitely want to avoid.

We look far beyond the initial needs and purchases to compliment your current IT assets and seamlessly integrate everything with your business workflow and goals. We have strong relationships with the most famous providers and brands you can take advantage of.

Network services

Never ever complain about how bad your network is. Cloud9's managed IT services in Markham will help you get the right business-class telecommunications without breaking your bank account, ensuring the lifeline of your company is the best it can be.

With our IT systems experts, you can be sure that you are making the right cost effective choice for your company and that you will have lines that are always up and running, no matter what. Put the best of the best telecommunications to work for your company.

Multi-layered cybersecurity

Can you keep a constant watch on your IT system and protect against online threats? Or do you think cyber intruders are not after your data? Hackers work 24/7, so think again. Clod9 offers cybersecurity consulting services and risk assessments to help companies gain a strategic upper hand in the fight against cyber attacks. If your data is breached, what do you think - will your clients ever trust you again?

We focus on multiple layers of cybersecurity safeguarding for your technology environment, starting with a powerful network perimeter, including active network monitoring and management, firewalls, and frequent network inspections, and then add anti-spam protection, next-gen anti-malware and anti-virus software, giving you the best first line of cyber defense.

Data protection & backup services

We provide professional-grade data encryption, data protection, and data recovery services to ensure your business continuity and give you complete peace of mind. Keep your critical data safe with our remote, secure, and automatic backups that feature a custom-made business continuity plan for disaster recovery cases.

Cloud9 offers virtualized recovery and encrypted storage to prevent data loss and increase productivity. Take your first steps towards becoming a paperless business, have access to virtual machines and your digital files at any time, from anywhere, and achieve your business goals.

Cloud environments and hosting

Public, private, and hybrid cloud. Cloud-based applications. Website hosting. Cloud9 has an array of choices for every SME and any application. Get instant access to all files, tools, software, and other stuff vital to your business from any place, and pay as you grow.

Cloud9 has designed hundreds of cloud solutions to meet your unique needs and protect you against unwelcome surprises. We manage clouds with the same care we give to all parts of your IT systems. Get your cloud storage today.
Managed IT Services - Ride Cloud9.

Our managed services help companies stay ahead of the curve

We offer IT solutions in Markham that monitor your company's systems, networks, computers, and other devices round the clock. We have a quick response time when something with your network goes wrong. More importantly, our IT company keeps your small businesses and large enterprises and their IT infrastructure up and running efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As a leading managed services provider, we offer proactive monitoring and tech management services at budget-friendly and consistent monthly fees. Our made-to-order disaster recovery plans allow you to effectively budget for and plan your tech expenses.

Managed IT Services - Free consultancy sessions for Scarborough companies.

Markham IT services provider that drives innovation across your IT department

We work to the highest industry standards to deliver a world-class network infrastructure for your company. Forget about being bounced between call handlers - Cloud9 IT company always has available highly-skilled engineers ready to talk to you and solve your problems straight away. We take great pride in having a first touch fix approach.

We are first-class at what we do and accredited in all the most advanced technologies you need to finally keep your business on the right path and increase your revenue. We are full service with one-of-a-kind work processes hiring only real IT experts.

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